Do you remember those days when you would look up at the sky and gaze at cloud formations? All shapes and sizes like a simple heart, or a fluffy bunny to some things even more complicated like dragons and fast cars. Cloud formations are fascinating, then and even until now.

Clouds are a mass of visible water formed in the sky. Clouds form because of the expansion of rising air mass. When dust, ice, salt and water condense, they form clouds. The process is, theoretically, simple. Air contains water vapor. This vapor is cooled below the dew point. This causes moisture which condenses in the atmosphere.

Amazing Cloud Formation

Clouds are a good indication of what to expect of the weather. They usually signal rain, storm, or even a good sunny day ahead. Since time in memoriam, people had been looking at clouds to determine the weather for the day. Boat captains even look at cloud formations as a good indication of what the weather promises.

Here at FORMATIONOFCLOUDS.COM, we give you a few resources on cloud formation, rain clouds, nimbus clouds, stratus clouds and an overview of the cloud chart. These articles can help you understand clouds and help you with reading them as signs for weather.

They can even help you appreciate the formations of the clouds and their form and effects. So the next time you check out the clouds, you can say not only that they are shaped like bunnies but what type of cloud they are.